Ashes to Ashes

A small community in Northeast Alabama. A mayor whose town sits on the river’s banks. A businessman in the Mobile Bay. All of these communities are impacted by coal ash in Alabama.

Coal Ash, a pollution by-product of burning coal, is impacting communities across Alabama. Billions of tons of ash are stored in unlined pits alongside our rivers and stream causing harmful pollution such as mercury, arsenic, and many other heavy metal to be dumped into our rivers, lakes, and bays where we fish, swim, and drink. This film tells the grim story of coal ash in Alabama and what you can do to call on the electric utility companies to become leaders by cleaning up the pollution they have created.

TAKE ACTION: Contact Alabama Power, TVA and PowerSouth officials and let them know you think they should dig up the coal ash and move it away from our rivers. Take direct action by clicking here.

Official Selections: Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2019 | Big Muddy Film Festival 2019 | Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival, Dumbo Film Festival, Breckenridge Film Festival

About the Director

Entering her final year in Loyola University Chicago’s Master of Communication program, Kaitlin is pursuing a degree in Digital Media and Storytelling. Previously a news producer and reporter in Florida, Kaitlin is an aspiring documentary filmmaker who aims to produce meaningful and impactful stories about environmental and social justice issues. She is passionate about the environment, loves to be outdoors, and is looking forward to telling important and compelling stories that inspire change.

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