2022 Films

Our 100 Year Floods

Through the voices of community members in Birmingham and Gadsden, this visual exploration captures the struggles of families and homeowners impacted by decades of flooding.

Initially a result of racially motivated zoning laws, the impacts to these communities are even more pronounced in our new climate – one prone to more flash floods than ever before. As flooding reaches even the wealthiest suburbs, we must ensure these historically neglected communities receive the attention they deserve.
Directed by Fernando Rocha.

See Me In Nature

Meet a few of Alabama’s Black environmental leaders, activists, and historians who are currently shaping their community and providing long overdue awareness of the roots of the work.

Directed by Asia Singleton.

Taxing the Sun

Why are our neighboring states so far ahead of Alabama when it comes to renewable energy? For decades Alabamians have “thanked God for Mississippi”, but that sentiment ends when we consider our right to choose our own sources of electricity. A few simple policy changes could remove existing barriers and voilà! Alabamians could have more options when it comes to where their electricity comes from. It’s time to stop taxing the sun and fight for Energy Freedom! Directed by Gillian Harrill.

What About the Drinking Water?

In Alabama more than 70% of the population gets their drinking water from rivers, lakes, and bays. Protecting these water sources and the land around them ensures our drinking water is clean and safe. It also keeps utilities from having to increase treatment cost, keeping water bills more affordable for customers. This film highlights the important responsibility of water utilities in balancing the continued need for revenue with the long-range protection of drinking water sources and the role of river advocates and ratepayers in holding them accountable. Directed by Tiffany Womack.