Sherry Bradley and Perman Hardy met on an ordinary Friday afternoon. Amid national and international media recognition of the egregious sanitation and health challenges facing counties across the Black Belt, they helped create an extraordinary consortium of community members, academic institutions, nonprofits, and government agencies dedicated to finding practical solutions for wastewater issues throughout the Black Belt in Alabama.

The Black Belt Unincorporated Wastewater Project, UAB Sanitation Health and Equity program and other members of the Alabama Rural Water and Wastewater Management Consortium, are utilizing historic state and federal infrastructure funding to implement real solutions on the ground, transforming communities through education and bringing justice to areas that have long been overlooked and underserved for these basic needs.

To learn more about funding and technical assistance for both communities and individuals, please click here.

About the Director

Astrid Malter (she/her) is a filmmaker and printmaker from Brooklyn, NY. She earned her BA in Cinema & Media Studies from Carleton College in Minnesota. Her senior thesis film, The Sixth Borough, premiered at the Coney Island Film Festival and screened at the Downstream Environmental Film Festival. Her 2-D work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Public Library and the Weitz Center for Creativity. She hopes to use her creativity in the service of others, and she will never stop learning!

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