Down the Drain

The public is well-aware that a failed sewage system left Jefferson County in debt and eventually bankrupt; however, sewage problems still exist throughout the state. The small community of Uniontown, a town extremely affected by failed sewage infrastructure, shows what is at stake and why these problems must be addressed.

Take Action: File a water quality complaint with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) if you observe illegal discharges or indications of poor water quality.

Learn more about your particular watershed and a list of organizations working to protect water quality in your area.

About the Director

Carlos Estrada graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree focusing on film production, film history, and poetry. His first documentary, “Undocumented,” a short about the impact Alabama law had upon two illegal immigrants, won ‘Best Student Film’ at Sidewalk Film Festival. He currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama as a videographer and editor for the non-profit organization Impact Alabama.

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