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With an abundance of hot, sunny days, Alabama has an incredible solar resource. Yet most of the state remains in the dark, as neighboring states like Georgia surge ahead with investments in solar energy--and the job creation and environmental benefits that follow. Closer to home, the difference between solar-friendly TVA territory in northern Alabama and the rest of the state limits Alabamians’ access to this fuel-free, cost-effective energy source. Learn about Alabama’s vast solar potential, and the impediments and policy barriers that are holding back its solar success.

Take Action: Tell the Alabama Public Service Commission to remove policy barriers to solar power, and urge your local legislators to support pro-solar energy decisions.

Take Action: Citizens interested in solar can fill out a survey for the Alabama Solar Knowledge (ASK) project to help map the data collected from solar businesses in and near Alabama, and share comments about obstacles, opportunities and recommendations to improve access to solar in Alabama.

Learn more about where Alabama currently ranks among other states in solar power installed and solar industry jobs, and where the state could be in 2030 if elected officials begin to support more pro-solar policies.

About the Director

Lauren is a rising senior studying Telecommunication and Film at the University of Alabama. She grew up in League City, Texas, and has a passion for international travel and communication, nature and visual art. Lauren hopes to work in the film and entertainment production industry, continuing to share voices and spread awareness about our world and the amazing people in it.

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