Paradise or Profit?

For the first time in Alabama, an outside industry is attempting to strip-mine and process the tar sands of northern Alabama to extract oil-rich bitumen. How will the environmental consequences of mining and processing tar sands potentially impact the community of Colbert County and its concerned citizens in the movement to preserve their water, air, and local agricultural economy?

Take Action: Stay informed about upcoming public forums and comment opportunities around tar sands mining and the permitting process.

Learn more about tar sands, and the potential impacts from the mining and extraction process on our land, air and water quality.

About the Director

Chris Jones was raised in the rural northern California town of Placerville and credits his upbringing in the Sierra Nevadas for teaching him the importance of environmental stewardship, wilderness preservation and resource conservation. Since receiving his BA in Film Studies from UC Berkeley in 2012, Chris has worked in film production and is currently a graduate student in Film & Television Production at Loyola Marymount University.

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