Taxing the Sun

Why are our neighboring states so far ahead of Alabama when it comes to renewable energy? For decades Alabamians have “thanked God for Mississippi”, but that sentiment ends when we consider our right to choose our own sources of electricity. A few simple policy changes could remove existing barriers and voilà! Alabamians could have more options when it comes to where their electricity comes from. It’s time to stop taxing the sun and fight for Energy Freedom!

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Official Selections: Colorado Environmental Film Festival, American Documentary And Animation Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, International Activism Film Festival

About the Director

Gillian Harrill is a storyteller of many mediums, but she gravitates toward film as a multi-sensory catalyst for change. A graduate from Cornell University with a BS in Communication, Gillian spends her time learning a little bit about a lot of topics ranging from media studies, prebiotic chemistry, honey bee behavior, and the physics of musical sound. Curiosity and absurdity inform her films, including her 2022 surrealist comedy PICTURE AT AN EXHIBITION, about a world where people give birth to art instead of babies which was selected for the LA Independent Women Film Awards. In the realm of nonfiction film, she has captured anti-fracking activists, Uber drivers, pole dancers, and indigenous skateboarders in the name of experiencing all the beauty and chaos being human has to offer. Her work with the Wildlife Conservation Society gave her experience in communicating with ranchers in the Rocky Mountains about their relationships with the environment. Her latest work is associate producing a film in Oklahoma about the true story of three Kiowa boys' escape from a boarding school in 1891. She wants to continue storytelling for the rest of her life.

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