Beltline Blues

With a price tag of over $5 billion, the Northern Beltline would not only be the most expensive road project in Alabama history, but it would also push sprawl into rural landscapes, exacerbate air pollution in the region, and increase polluted runoff into the Black Warrior and Cahaba Rivers. Who will profit—and who will pay—if the controversial Northern Beltline is built around the city of Birmingham?

Take Action: Ask Governor Bentley to redirect limited federal transportation dollars to projects that address meaningful traffic, safety, and maintenance needs in Alabama rather than on one destructive road project.

Learn more about the significant impacts the Northern Beltline would have, particularly on the sensitive headwaters of the Black Warrior and Cahaba rivers.

About the Director

Rhonda Chan Soo was born and raised on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, where she began to develop an affinity for the natural world and a strong desire to protect it. After receiving her BS in Environmental Science from Furman University, Rhonda pursued her Masters Degree in Documentary Film at Wake Forest University.

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