Sharing the Secrets

After millions of years in the making, Alabama has over 4,000 caves that are explored and beloved by spelunkers from all over. With a diverse array of underground plants, animals and other organisms, conserving these massive underground formations and their delicate ecosystems is crucial. Follow some of the most enthusiastic and daring cavers into the breathtaking hidden treasures of northeast Alabama, an area that boasts one of the highest concentrations of caves in the U.S. and supports incredible cave biodiversity.

Take Action: Learn how you can apply to conduct a cleanup trip for caves that have been vandalized, abused or used as illegal dump sites.

About the Director

Drew is a third year student at the University of Central Florida and is currently working towards his B.F.A. in Film. A born and raised Floridian, some of Drew's interests include kayaking, snorkeling, and just about everything else water-related. Curious by nature, Drew is often inspired by the exploration of the unknown. His recent infatuation with documentary filmmaking has lead him to exercise his curiosity through this medium. Drew is also an avid film photographer, shooting and developing his own large format film.

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