The Jewel of Alabama: Conserving the Tensaw Delta

Take a journey through one of the most beautiful and ecologically important hotspots on the planet: Alabama's Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Encompassing cypress swamps, marshes, and bottomland forests, this 260,000-acre area provides habitat for over 300 types of birds and over 60 rare or endangered species.

Take Action: Register for volunteer training at 5 Rivers - Alabama's Delta Resource Center.

Learn more about the Mobile Bay Watershed's environmental and economic importance, and its extraordinary biodiversity.

About the Director

Hiram Rogers is an Alabama native who graduated from Duke University in 2007 with a degree in Documentary Studies. Currently working as researcher and instructor at the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies, Hiram is passionate about using film and large-format photography as a tool for social justice and activism. Although Hiram works in North Carolina, much of his personal film and photography production is focused on Alabama.

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